How to cancel a recently placed order

If you purchased a phone, hotspot, or tablet

First, make sure your device has not already shipped out. When a device has shipped, you'll receive an email with tracking and status information. Please check your email to see if your FreedomPop product has shipped.

My package has already shipped

If your package has already shipped out, you can still send it back to us and receive a refund. Simply refuse the package when it arrives. This means you can simply tell the delivery worker that you would like to have the package returned and they will send it back to us.

Even if the package happens to be delivered, you can still take the package to your local post office (it must be unopened) and ask the postal service employee to return the package to the sender. 

Make sure to contact us afterward, to have your account canceled because if you've signed up for any plans or services, you may still incur a charge.

Once the package has been returned to us we can issue your refund.


My package has not shipped yet

Contact us to try and have the order canceled. Please note, that it can take up to 48 hours for an order to be canceled and pulled from our shipping queue. If the package ships before the cancellation can be confirmed, you'll have to follow the steps, under the "My package has already shipped" section above.

Click here to learn how to get in touch with a FreedomPop representative. You can also cancel service online, by completing these steps

Once your account has been canceled and your product has been returned to us, your refund will be issued.