Black Friday Sale - 6 months free with a new iPhone

This offer is no longer available

How it works:

  1. Order a new iPhone from Your order comes with the phone and a SIM card, preloaded with the plan being offered. 
  2. After you receive your phone and SIM card in the mail, activate the SIM at
  3. Your account will be activated with the 250 minutes, unlimited texts messages, and 1GB high speed data plan, on a 6 month billing cycle. 

Please note, you'll receive 250 minutes, unlimited text messages and 1GB of high speed data each month on this plan, however your next payment will not occur until 6 months later.


Which phones are included in this offer?

Any iPhone from is eligible for this offer. 


Can I change my plan?

If you change your talk, text and data plan before the 6 month promotional time period ends, you'll forfeit this free offer. You will not be able to return to the 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GBs of high speed data plan for free and will need to pay the $15 per month charge. 


How does this plan renew? What happens after 6 months. 

After 6 months, you can expect your account to go into an Airtime Expired status if the plan is not renewed. We recommend renewing your plan a couple of days before your billing cycle end date. 

You'll need to pay $15 per month for the 250 minutes, unlimited text messages and 2GBs of high speed data plan, or, you can select a new plan. 

Upon plan selection or plan renewal, enter payment details that can be used to cover your plan renewal costs for your account going forward. 


Which network is this offer valid on?

Our iPhones run on the GSMA network.


How do I activate?

Once you receive your SIM card, visit Your coupon code will be sent to your email account automatically after activation. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the coupon code. 

Be sure to log into your FreedomPop account (the account that was created when you made your purchase) and complete the activation process. If you plan to transfer a phone number over from another carrier, that transfer must be completed during the activation process. Click here to learn more about transferring your phone number.

It can take up to 10 minutes for your talk, text and data plan to appear on your account after activation. If you see "Needs Initial Refill" instead of your plan, please wait a few minutes. 


When does this offer expire?

This offer expires November 30, 2020.  


I have other questions.

If you have additional questions, we're happy to help! Contact our dedicated customer service team by calling 1-888-702-8302.  To send us an email or chat with an agent visit