Changes to the FreedomPop VoIP Free Plan

In order for us to continue passing on the best value to all of our subscribers, we need to make changes that will have an impact on those enjoying our current free tier. 

Don’t worry, FreedomPop will keep a free tier! But recent rate changes on our data network provider, together with our superior buying power on our largest underlying carrier, make a free offering only viable on our Premium network going forward.

For those who wish to continue receiving 100% free talk, text, and data, you must upgrade to a Premium SIM by May 1, 2021. With FreedomPop Premium, you get true cellular voice, text, and data - no app required! This means you can experience FreedomPop's amazing value while using your phone as it was meant to be used. Upgrade today at

If you do not migrate by May 1, 2021, your account will be automatically enrolled into the Essential Plan which offers 350MB and 200 minutes / 200 texts for only $3.99/mo. 


How to upgrade to the Premium SIM card

Visit to select a new Premium SIM card and plan. Choose from our affordable talk, text, and data plans, or choose our free plan. 

When your SIM card arrives, activate it by going to During the activation process, be sure to transfer your phone number from your VoIP FreedomPop account to the new Premium account. Need help finding your old account and PIN number? Click here

Once your SIM card has been activated, complete the setup steps that appear on your screen. Click here for assistance with the setup process

A FreedomPop representative can help accommodate your accumulated Roll Over Data. Contact a FreedomPop representative by going to