Franklin Wireless R850 Hotspot


How to activate your hotspot

This step only applies if you purchased your hotspot from a third party company, like GroupOn, NewEgg, BestBuy, etc. If you purchased your hotspot directly from Freedompop, please move on to Connect To The Network.

Please review the video instructions below, or scroll down for written instructions to follow. The video displays general information about hotspot activation, however, the written instructions are specific to the R850 hotspot.

How does a hotspot work?

A hotspot is a mobile internet device. It works by pulling in a signal from nearby network towers. This is why strong coverage is recommended for a stronger data connection. You’ll have a stronger signal if you’re in an area where multiple network towers are located.

The hotspot then broadcasts this signal, allowing you to connect a WiFi enabled device (like a computer, tablet or smartphone) to the network. Once you're connected to the network, you can browse the internet on your computer, your tablet, or your phone.

For most hotspot devices, you will simply need to turn it on, locate the WiFi network on the device you plan to connect with (your laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) and enter the WiFi password. When you first take the device out of the box, your WiFi password will be “ freedompop ”. However, if you purchased the device from a third party company, like NewEgg, eBay or GroupOn, you will have to activate it first.

How to activate your hotspot

Please Note: If you did not purchase your device from a third party company (like GroupOn, Amazon, and NewEgg) and you instead purchased your device from (or by calling the FreedomPop sales line), you do not need to activate it.

You will need to remove the battery cover on your hotspot and locate the MEID number. It's also posted on the box your hotspot came in.

To activate your hotspot device, visit

Enter your email address -- this will be associated with your FreedomPop account-- and the device’s MEID number.

From there, if the MEID number is valid, you will be asked to select a data plan, and enter a credit or debit card number. You must have valid payment information on file to activate your FreedomPop device. This applies, even if you plan to sign up for the free plan.

Again, activation is not required if you purchased the device directly from FreedomPop. It is only required for FreedomPop branded devices that are purchased from third party companies.

Once you have activated your hotspot -- or if activation is not necessary -- you can use it to connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to the internet.

Please move on now to step two: connecting to the WiFi network.