FreedomPop + Red Pocket: what to expect

How does this partnership work?

We’ve worked over the last 8 years to bring competitive pricing to the talk, text, and data plan market; partnering with Red Pocket accelerates that mission further. Red Pocket not only has deals with all four carriers and the #1 ranked customer service, but they will also be investing heavily to grow and improve the FreedomPop service and availability.


Will the two companies be merged together?

FreedomPop and Red Pocket Mobile will remain separate brands. You'll log into your online FreedomPop account to manage your FreedomPop plans and service. You'll log into your online Red Pocket Mobile account to manage your Red Pocket Mobile plans and services. 


What about my calling, texting and data plan?

Red Pocket is excited to maintain the best of FreedomPop and mix in some added wonderfulness, including the option for native carrier voice, and soon service on more major networks!

We will provide the added bonus of live customer service agents along with more control and transparency over your billing and account management.


Will you still be offering a free plan?

Yes. For a complete guide of our Freemium service click here


I purchased a SIM from a retail store but haven’t activated it yet, will my purchase be honored?

Yes! Please follow the activation instructions you received with your SIM kit.


I still have questions

For further assistance get in touch with one of our online support agents.  Visit to get in touch with us.