My device is defective, can I get a replacement?

***This only applies if your SIM card number begins with 89011***

Replacing your device

If your device is defective, you may be eligible for a replacement or an exchange. You must meet the following criteria:

• Your device was shipped to you within the last 90 days 
• Your device was purchased directly from FreedomPop 
• Your device has not suffered water damage 
• Your account is active and in good standing


If you meet the above criteria, get in touch with a FreedomPop customer service representative to start the exchange process. Click here to learn how to speak with a representative.

Please note: if you are having trouble with calling and texting, or accessing the internet on your device, you may not need to exchange the device. Please visit our troubleshooting section to try to resolve the problem, first.

The Extended Warranty Service

If you are no longer within the 90 day exchange warranty, you may still be able to replace your device. We offer an extended warranty service called Phone Protection Plus. This service extends your warranty to up to a full year, however there is a waiting period from the time you add the service, to the time you can file a claim.

Please log into your account at and go to the My Account > Services page, to see if Phone Protection Plus is available to you. Not all accounts will be able to sign up for this service.

Accessory Replacements

If your device will not power on or a replaceable part is broken, you can request an accessory replacement instead. This is more convenient then having to replace your entire device. This includes batteries, chargers, and back covers (for phones). You must be within the 90 day exchange warranty period, to receive a free accessory replacement.

Unfortunately we do not sell accessories like back covers, batteries or chargers. If you do not qualify for a free replacement from us, please consider purchasing one from a third party online retailer, like Amazon or eBay.