How to downgrade Global Calling plans

Attention: Discontinued Product

The information in this article explains how the Global SIM card worked. However, this product is no longer supported. If you have a Global SIM card, and you are no longer getting service, click here to learn how to upgrade to our LTE SIM. The following details, in this article, are for informative purposes only. Again, this product is no longer available.

To purchase our updated SIM Card product -- the LTE SIM Kit -- click here.


Downgrading a Global Plan

Step-by-step instructions

First, visit, and click on the plan you want to downgrade. (You can also get there, by logging into your FreedomPop account, and clicking on the International tab from the blue navigation buttons at the top of the page.

Remove FreedomPop Global plan

Next, click the small link "here", in the sentence that says "To deactivate, click here". Once the process is complete, you will be taken back to the International Plans page. A notification will also be sent to you by email, confirming your downgrade.

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