How to insert your Data Only SIM

If you're using the Data Only SIM with your hotspot

If you are using one of our SIM cards with your hotspot device, you must have purchased the Data Only SIM. Unfortunately, you would not be able to use one of the Talk, Text and Data SIMs with a hotspot device. 

The MiFi 500 is a GSM unlocked hotspot, which means it can be used with any SIM card from any carrier, including FreedomPop. To start using your hotspot device with your SIM, you will need to insert the SIM.

Step 1: Turn the hotspot OFF. 

Step 2: Remove the battery cover 
1500x1500-APN-IMAGE-flat_0004_Rectangle 1 copy 15.jpg 

Step 3: Remove the battery 
1500x1500-APN-IMAGE-flat_0003_Rectangle 1 copy 17.jpg 

Step 4: Lift up the black “Lift to Insert Sim” blocker 
1500x1500-APN-IMAGE-flat_0002_Rectangle 1 copy 18.jpg 

Step 5: Insert the Sim Card into the slot with gold plate facing down 
1500x1500-APN-IMAGE-flat_0001_Rectangle 1 copy 20.jpg 

Step 6: Put the black “Lift to Insert Sim” blocker back again 
1500x1500-APN-IMAGE-flat_0002_Rectangle 1 copy 18.jpg 

Step 7: Line up the gold contacts on the battery with the contacts on the Mifi 500. 

Step 8: Insert top part of the battery first and then push the battery down into place 

Step 9: Replace the battery cover 

Step 10: Turn on the device