If you're having trouble with one of our webpages

This information applies to both Premium SIMs and older Standard SIMs


404 or 'Popped Your Bubble' error messages

If you encounter an error message when you reach one of our webpages. Such as the 404 web page or the "Sorry! We Popped Your Bubble" web page, please consider the following suggestions.

These suggestions can be helpful if you haven't encountered one of these error messages, but you are having problems with our website in general.


Clear your browser history

Many times, simply clearing your browser history can resolve your problem. 


Log out of your FreedomPop account, and then log in again

Sometimes you have to restart your session by logging out of your account and then in again.


Try a different web browser

You may want to try a different browser than the one you are currently using. MacBook computers come with the Safari web browser preinstalled and Windows PCs come with Internet Explorer preinstalled. You would have to go to the Google Chrome or the FireFox website to download those web browsers.


Try again later

It's possible that the website is simply down for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience, however if the above suggestions did not resolve the issue, please try to visit that page again after a few hours.


Contact Customer Support

If you're still having problems, and the webpage is not working for you, you can always contact customer support for assistance. Please click here to learn how to get in touch with us.