MY GSM device is not working (SIM Card)

Are you having problems making or receiving calls or text messages? Does your phone work properly, but only when you’re on WiFi? This article will help you troubleshoot your SIM card. Please complete each step!


Is your phone compatible?

Your device must be AT&T-compatible, GSM unlocked, or a CDMA LTE unlocked device. This means if you got your phone from T-Mobile you have to contact the carrier to have them officially unlock it. If you got your phone from Sprint, Verizon, or any other related carrier, it must be CDMA LTE (which means it can accept SIM cards). Contact your carrier or the original retailer where your phone was purchased, to check and see if it meets these requirements. 

If you bought the phone from the manufacturer instead of a carrier, (for example, buying an iPhone directly from the Apple store), then your device may already be unlocked. Click here to learn more about GSM unlocked phones and how they work. 

Again, call your previous carrier’s customer service line and provide them with your phone’s IMEI number to check its status.


Have you completed activation?

Visit to get your SIM card online. Complete the activation processing which includes:

  • Checking the ICCID number that comes up to be sure it is correct
  • Activating a phone number (getting a new number, porting one in from another carrier, or bringing one over from another FreedomPop account
  • Putting payment information on your account and selecting a plan (if you haven't already)


Did you configure APN network settings?

This step is very important. If network settings are not configured properly, your phone will not work. Click here to complete the APN configuration.  


Check your coverage and your account status

Check your coverage. Visit and enter your physical address to be sure your area is serviced. 

Check your account status. If you have not refilled your account, or if you have a pending phone number transfer, the device will not work properly. 

Log in at to view your account status.


Turn your device off and back on

It can be beneficial to reset your device if things are not working properly. Power the device off, wait 10 seconds, and then turn it on again. 


Receive a call and receive a text message

If calling and texting are not working correctly, send a message or place a call to your FreedomPop device from another phone.

This can sometimes kickstart your phone's calling and texting functionality. 

Make sure the text message and call you receive comes from a landline or non-VoIP phone number. FreedomPop, WhatsApp, Google Voice, Hangouts, and MagicJack are all examples of VoIP numbers, and these will not work when completing this troubleshooting step. 

(After your device is functioning properly, you will then be able to make or receive calls, to and from VoIP numbers.)


Still having problems?

If you have completed all of the above-mentioned steps, and you are still having problems using your FreedomPop device, click the SUBMIT A TICKET button at the top of the page, to send us a message.