Phones that are compatible with our LTE SIMs

Do you have a GSM phone that you would like to use with our service? Great News! FreedomPop now offers SIM Cards. You can put one of our SIM cards into a compatible phone that you already own, and take advantage of our unlimited talk, text and data plans. Click here to buy a new SIM card. Keep reading to find out what phones are compatible. 


What phones are compatible?

Our SIM cards will work with a GSM Unlocked android or iOS device. GSM phones, are phones from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon that have been unlocked, and made available to use with any cell phone carrier. If your phone is from Verizon, double-check that it's GSM because Verizon has some CDMA phones too. 

You can also purchase unlocked phones directly from their manufacturer to use with our service. For example: buying an iPhone directly from the Apple store, instead of buying it from a carrier.


How to use my compatible phone

Our SIM cards are available for purchase from Once the SIM card is purchased, it will arrive in the mail. Remove the SIM card from the packaging and insert it into your phone.

You'll need to complete configuration and setup steps on your device. Then, you can start calling, texting, and browsing the web.

Visit to get started.