PV: How to setup your hotspot device using our Premium SIM

How does a hotspot work?

A hotspot is a mobile internet device. It works by pulling in a signal from nearby network towers. This is why strong coverage is recommended for a stronger data connection. You’ll have a stronger signal if you’re in an area where multiple network towers are located.


The hotspot then broadcasts this signal, allowing you to connect a WiFi enabled device (like a computer, tablet or smartphone) to the network. Once you're connected to the network, you can browse the internet on your computer, your tablet, or your phone.


For most hotspot devices, you will simply need to turn it on, locate the WiFi network on the device you plan to connect with (your laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.) and enter the WiFi password. When you first take the device out of the box, your WiFi password will be “freedompop”.


Using your Premium SIM card with a hotspot

Make sure your SIM card is active first. Visit freedompop.com/activate and enter your SIM card’s ICCID number. 


Select a plan and make a decision regarding your SIM card’s phone number (you can port a number in from another carrier, or get a new number). Even if you plan to only use the SIM card with a hotspot, you still still need to select a phone number for your SIM card and FreedomPop account. 


Remember, you can only transfer a phone number over from another carrier during this activation process. So, if you decide to get a new number you will not be able to transfer a phone number over at a later time.


Complete setup 

Next, insert your premium SIM card into your hotspot device’s SIM card slot. If you are having trouble finding it, check your hotspot device‘s user manual for more information.


Most hotspot devices do not require APN configuration. You should be able to insert your SIM, turn it on, wait about 10 minutes for your device to acquire a signal and then connect to your hotspot’s WiFi network. 


If you are having trouble connecting to your hotspot’s internet connection, your device may require APN configuration. To complete APN configuration — or 

if you do not know what your hotspot’s Wi-Fi network name and password is — check your device user guide for more information.