PV: Premium LTE SIM Card: Setup your voicemail inbox

To listen to your voicemail messages, you will need to access your phone’s voicemail application. Some phones -- like the Google Pixel phones and iPhones -- integrate voicemail messages into the same application used for calling. 

Some phones come with a voicemail application preinstalled. 

Other phones require you to dial a voicemail phone number.

Voicemail built into your phone's calling application

If you're using an iPhone, Google Pixel phone, or another recently released, flagship device, you can probably check and manage your voicemail messages right from your phone's dialer.

Tap on your phone's calling application and then look at the bottom row of icons. Select the Voicemail icon to switch to the Voicemail section. d

You can tap the button in the top right or left corner of the screen, labeled "Greeting" to record a voicemail greeting. 

Using the pre-installed voicemail application 

If you are not sure where your voicemail application is located, check the manufacturer-provided user guide for your phone. You can do a google search for your phone model and the keywords ‘pdf user guide’. For example, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, search for the phrase “Samsung Galaxy S8 PDF User Guide”.  

If your phone offers neither an integrated voicemail section or a preinstalled voicemail application, consider downloading the AT&T voicemail application, available in the Google Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iPhones

Tap on the Settings menu within these applications and locate the Voicemail Greeting option, to record a custom voicemail greeting. 


Dialing a voicemail phone number

Dial the number 1-888-288-8893. 

Follow the prompts to set up a voicemail mailbox PIN code. This is going to be a long number so make sure you write it down and store the information somewhere safe. 

During the initial call to the voicemail phone number, you'll be asked to record a custom voicemail greeting. This greeting, and any other changes you've made, can be updated at any time. Call the voicemail number again and provide the PIN that you have set. 


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