Transferring your information from the Standard (VoIP) SIM to the Premium (cellular) SIM

The Premium SIM offers a better experience 


What is a Premium Voice SIM?

Premium Voice is a service upgrade from our Standard Voice Over IP service. The Premium SIM card is completely native and does not require a mobile application to make or receive calls and text messages. These SIM cards work with phones that are GSM Unlocked.


How does the Premium SIM card work?

Calls and text messages will be routed through the cellular network, by default. You will still have the opportunity to call and text using WiFi. If you are within an area with poor cellular coverage, our system will attempt to route your call through the LTE network or and available Wi-Fi network. 


What kind of added services are available?

The Premium FreedomPop SIM card comes with Visual Voicemail, VoLTE, and Wifi Calling.

Your phone must support Visual Voicemail, VoLTE, and WiFi calling. If your phone does not support Visual Voicemail, you can dial the number 1 to hear and manage your voicemail messages. 

At this time, Speed Boost, VPN, and Roll Over services are not available. But this may change in the future, so please stay tuned!

Placing your order for the Premium SIM card

How do I order this SIM card?

If you were recently sent a promotional email you may place an order through there. You can also place an order through our main website If you get an error that says your email is already in use, log into your existing FreedomPop account and try again.

You can also use a new email address to place your Premium SIM card order if you prefer to have two separate accounts.


The link you sent me isn’t working

Try to copy and paste the URL from the email into your web browser. You may need to first log into your account in a different/incognito web browser before placing your order, so the system recognizes your existing account. If you want your new SIM card under a separate account you can use a different email address.

You can also submit your order on our website


Why am I getting an error message when I try to order?

Make sure you're using a valid credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to place your order. Prepaid cards are not supported. If you keep getting an error message, please try a different payment method. 


Transferring from the old SIM card to the new one 

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, during activation, you will have the option to transfer over your existing FreedomPop number or choose a new number.


When should I activate my new Premium SIM and cancel my old account? 

If you are choosing to keep your existing phone number, we recommend that you begin activation (along with the number transfer) towards the middle of your current account's billing cycle. This way, the phone number transfer will be completed before your current account renews.

You can cancel the account once you have successfully made the transition to the Premium SIM. 


When will the billing cycle begin for my new Premium account? 

Totally up to you! Your start date will be set as soon as you activate your Premium SIM card. 


Why do I need to cancel my old account? 

The transition process creates a new account and subscription for your Premium Voice SIM card, so you will need to cancel your old account in order to avoid ongoing renewals. You can cancel online by logging into

Please Note: If you plan to keep your current phone number, you must transfer the number before canceling the service. Otherwise, the number will be lost.