Unlocking my FreedomPop phone

This information applies to the Premium SIM card
The serial number on your SIM card (called the ICCID number) begins with 89014

If you've purchased a new device from FreedomPop (www.freedompop.com) you may be eligible to unlock your device under the following circumstances:

  1. Your device has not been reported as lost or stolen nor has it been involved with fraud.
  2. Your device It is not associated with a fraudulent account.
  3. If you’ve purchased a new iPhone from FreedomPop you may submit an unlock request after twelve (12) months of continuous paid active service on a FreedomPop plan. 
  4. FreedomPop has reviewed your unlock request and approved it. (We reserve the right to unlock devices, upon request, that may not meet the above criteria.)  

To unlock your device, please submit your unlock request to support@freedompop.com.  

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This information applies to the Legacy SIM card
The serial number on your SIM card (called the ICCID number) begins with 89011

Did you have a CDMA (Sprint-based) phone?

Your phone was transferred to Ting. Please contact Ting to have your device released as FreedomPop no longer has access to your device. Note, cancelling your number with Ting or transferring your phone number from Ting to another carrier usually releases or "unlocks" the phone at the same time.


Important Releasing Policy details

FreedomPop reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to deny any releasing requests that it concludes may result in abuse of this policy or assist in any way in an effort to perpetrate fraud or any other unlawful conduct against FreedomPop or its customers. FreedomPop further reserves the right to change this releasing policy at its discretion without advance notice.

Carriers typically use different frequencies and air interface technologies to provide wireless network access. Accordingly, a device that works on one carrier's network may not be technologically compatible with another carrier's network. " Releasing" a device refers only to disabling software that would prevent a consumer from attempting to activate a device designed for one carrier's network on another carrier's network, even if that network is technologically compatible. In other words, " releasing" a device will not necessarily make a device interoperable with other networks - a device designed for one network is not made technologically compatible with another network merely by "releasing" it. Additionally, releasing a device may enable some functionality of the device but not all (e.g., a released device may support voice services but not data services when activated on a different network).

Please note that at the time of release, all warranty of the equipment and service becomes void. FreedomPop phones, hotspots, and accessories are only warranted from the point of purchase when they remain on the FreedomPop network. 

Effective on purchases after 04/16/2016