What does FreedomPop offer?


FreedomPop is the nation's first Wireless Internet Service Provider committed to delivering fast and affordable Mobile Internet and Cell Phone Service! FreedomPop has partnered with leading wholesale mobile networks to deliver the fastest high-speed internet available, and offer the flexibility of wireless internet.

 FreedomPop offers Android phones and iPhones, SIM cards (that you can use with a phone you already own), and wireless hotspots. 



Purchase CDMA (Sprint compatible) phones or GSM (carrier unlocked) phones from our website at shop.freedompop.com. We sell and support android phones, running operating system 4.1 (or better) as well as iPhones running operating system 8.0 (or better).


SIM Cards

Purchase one of our LTE SIM cards to use with your compatible GSM unlocked smartphone device (running Android 4.1+ or iOS 8.0+). 

FreedomPop offers two types of SIM cards: Standard VoIP SIM cards, and Premium Cellular SIM cards. Our Standard SIM cards offer free talk, text and data plans and require you to download the free FreedomPop Messaging mobile application. 

Our Premium SIM cards offer native calling and voicemail, no application required.


Mobile Hotspots

Carry a WiFi connection with you wherever you go, thanks to our handheld, wireless internet devices! Mobile hotspots can connect up to 10 WiFi enabled devices (like your laptop computer, your tablet, or your smartphone).

They also work with streaming devices like Roku, MagicJack and Fire Stick. Streaming uses a lot of data (on average, it takes 2GBs to stream one 2 hour movie!) so make sure to select a plan that can sustain your usage expectations. 


Our service is prepaid, which means you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Visit freedompop.com to get started!