What is High Speed data?

This information can help, regardless of SIM card type
The serial number on your SIM card (called the ICCID number) begins with 89014 or 89011

High-speed data refers to the fastest internet connection possible for the network in your area. When you're using one of our calling, texting, and data plans, the data portion is the internet access your plan provides. Depending on the plan you select the first 1, 4, or 10 GBs of your data usage will be at fast high speeds. 


What are MBs and GBs?

The terms "MB" and "GB" stand for megabytes and gigabytes -- a measure of data.  To give you an example, using Facebook for 30 minutes takes about 40MBs of data. There are about 1000 MBs in a GB. 


What about 5G?

FreedomPop is proud to offer 5G on certain compatible phones! Click here for more information about 5G.