What kind of products does FreedomPop offer?


GSM (SIM Card)


We sell two SIM cards: Talk, Text and Data SIM Cards that include one of our affordable calling plans. 

SIMs provide a 5G LTE connection and can be used with a GSM Unlocked device. GSM Unlocked means your phone cannot be locked to a single carrier (like Sprint, T-Mobile or AT&T, and instead must be unlocked, and capable of being used with any carrier.


 How to make a purchase

Please visit our shop page, to see the full list of the devices we sell, and to make a purchase. You can also contact our sales line by calling 877-848-2810, to purchase a device.

If you are already logged into an existing account when you try to visit our products page or Plans page, you will have the option to place your order without registering an account.