Why is my card being rejected?

This information applies to both Premium SIM cards and older, Standard SIMs. 


If you are unable to complete your transaction, because your payment is rejected, please try the following:


Re-enter your payment 

Re-enter your payment information, and double check that the card number, cardholder name, expiration date, billing address, and CVN number (the three numbers usually on the back of the card) all match.

An unexpected error occurred processing your order

If your transaction is declined, and you receive a “an unexpected error occurred processing your order” message, it is because we do not support certain types of debit/prepaid cards, which may not be compatible with specific offers. Please try another card that is not debit/prepaid.

Retry the transaction 

Retry your transaction by clearing your browser cache/cookies. Open a new browser (such as an incognito browser or try a different browser altogether), return to the site and try again.

Consider using PayPal 

If available, use a PayPal account instead (please note, for some activations or purchases, a PayPal account is not an option). Prepaid PayPal debit cards are not supported, but linking a PayPal account is. Switch the payment method from Credit Card to PayPal using the drop down at the very top of the payment method section.