Does FreedomPop offer Visual Voicemail?

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail is the ability to listen to, and manage, your voicemail messages from an application instead of calling a voicemail phone number and using dialpad buttons (press 9 to delete, press 5 to save, etc.). 

Most iPhones have Visual Voicemail functionality included in the calling application. On Android devices, you'll need to enable to feature within your FreedomPop online account. Many newer Android phones come with Visual Voicemail included in the calling application, however, some older devices may require you to download a separate application. 


This information applies to Premium SIM cards

Visual Voicemail on iPhones

Yes! FreedomPop offers visual voicemail (VVM) on the Premium Voice network.

For iPhones, this feature is automatically added to your account. Visual voicemail can be accessed on your phone by tapping on your phone's dialer (calling application). Inside of the calling application, there is a section (at the bottom and to the far right) that is specifically for voicemail.  

Tap on the voicemail icon within the calling application to set up Visual Voicemail for the first time. Then, return to this section to hear and manage voicemail messages that have been left for you. 


Visual Voicemail on Android phones

You'll need to add Visual Voicemail capabilities to your account, please complete the following steps:

1. Visit, and login.

2. Click on your line

3. Click Get/Manage Add-Ons

4. Click on Services

5. Select the Visual Voicemail Add-On and complete payment.

Please Note: This is a recurring payment. You can turn off Visual Voicemail service anytime in the Add Ons page. 


After adding the Visual Voicemail service

Wait about 2 minutes then turn your phone off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it back on. Visual voicemail can be accessed on your phone by tapping on the dialer (calling application). There is usually a separate section within this app, specifically for voicemail messages. 

Note: If your account is suspended due to a failed recurring, you will need to resolve the outstanding billing issue first. 

If you'd prefer to call the voicemail phone line and manage your voicemail messages, click here to learn how. 


This information applies to older, Legacy SIM cards

The FreedomPop Messaging application includes a visual voicemail section. Open up the FreedomPop Messaging app and tap on the icon at the bottom of the screen, on the far right. Click here to learn more about voicemail.