How to fix dropped calls

First, check your coverage

If you have a CDMA (Sprint) phone visit and put in your address to check your coverage. If you have a GSM (SIM Card) instead, click here to check your coverage.


You will get the best call quality over 4G, however service is still possible over 3G. If you are within, or close to, an area where coverage is not available, your signal may be too weak to maintain a call. In that case, please consider adding Premium Voice to your account.


Consider signing up for the Premium Voice service

Our service is VoIP, but Premium Voice allows you to make and receive calls over the cellular network instead of the data network, if you are in an area where your data signal is too weak. This service is $3.99 per month. To sign up for Premium Voice, click here to visit the Services page.


Environmental factors may interfere with your signal

Even if your area has coverage, consider the fact that your environment may interfere with the strength of your mobile signal. Temporary conditions like rain or strong winds can reek havoc on network towers in your area. You may also experience signal loss if you are making your calls underground on from inside metal constructions.

If any of these conditions apply to you, try making your calls in another area to see if your call quality improves.


Next, complete a PRL and Profile update

Please Note! This information applies to CDMA (Sprint) phones only. If you have a GSM (SIM Card) from FreedomPop, and you are still having problems with dropped calls, click here for a full list of troubleshooting steps.

This update will ensure that the proper programming information is stored on your device. A PRL and Profile update is especially useful if you are in a 3G covered area.


Android devices

Step 1: On the screen of your device, tap on the Settings icon

Step 2: Then tap on Network Updates

Step 3: From here, tap on PRL update

Step 4: When the PRL update is complete, tap on Profile update


iPhone devices

Step 1: On the screen of your device tap on the green phone icon

Step 2: Then dial the number ##873283#

Step 3: Tap OK to confirm the update

Step 4: Tap OK once the update is complete