How to use Data Rollover

This information applies to Premium SIM cards

The Roll Over Data service is not offered on Premium SIM cards.

If you have accumulated data from the Data Roll Over service, and transferred from the older VoIP SIM cards to the newer Premium SIM card, we will accommodate your Roll Over data. Please get in touch with a customer support representative. Visit


This information applies to our older, Legacy SIM cards

What is Data Roll Over?

You can rollover unused data, up to 500MBs per month, and store up to 20GBs total! ( If you are on the 200 MB free plan, the maximum you will be able to roll over is 200 MBs. ) You will be able to share your rollover data with friends, and rollover any unused data every month!


For example:

If you were on a 1GB data plan, your data rollover accumulation would look something like this

April -- 1GB total data in your account. If you use 250MB, you can rollover 500MB 
May -- 1.5GB total data in account (1GB data plan, 500MB rollover) -- If you use 400MB, you will rollover 500MB 
June -- 2GB total data in account (1GB data plan, 1GB rollover) -- If you use 500MB, you will rollover 500MB 


Data only rolls over from your plan (the data provided by your monthly plan allotment). Data from Freedom Friends, or from completed offers do not rollover.

When using your FreedomPop device, data will be deducted from your data plan, first.

For example, if you were on the 500 mb data plan, and you earn 500 MBs from Freedom Friends, you will have a total of 1000 MBs of data in your billing cycle, available to use.

If you use 200MBs of data on your device, your base plan has a remainder of 300MBs. In this case, 300 MBs is the maximum amount of data you can rollover, even though you have additional data from Freedom Friends.

Please note,  if the Data Rollover service is removed, unused data that has accumulated will be lost when your billing cycle ends.


How to sign up for Roll Over

You can sign up for Data Rollover, for only $3.99/month.

We now offer a service called Rollover Plus for $6.99 per month. This service lets you roll over up to 1GB of data each month and store up to 40 GBs of data in your account.

To enable the service, log into your account at You can click here or go to the My Account >> Services section of your account. Click Activate to enable Data Roll Over. You will incur the charge for the new service right away.