Setting up your new LTE Premium SIM card

Thank you for joining the FreedomPop family. We now offer a cellular service with seamless integration between your SIM and your device.


Activate the SIM card

Did you purchase your SIM card from a third party company? Like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, etc? Be sure to activate your SIM card by going to If you purchased your SIM card directly from FreedomPop -- by going to or speaking to one of our sales representatives -- you can skip this step. 


Insert the SIM card

Your SIM card will arrive with three different sizes -- the nano-SIM card (smallest), the micro SIM card (middle size) and the mini-SIM card (the largest SIM card size). Take out the SIM card size that fits your device and then insert it into your phone. 

Make sure you are using a GSM carrier unlocked Android or iPhone running operating systems 4.0 or more recent (Android) or operating system 7.0 or more recent (iPhone). 

A lot of CDMA phones (newer ones) will also work on the GSM network.

Configure APN settings

It’s important to configure Access Point Name settings. This allows your phone to receive a data connection. 


Configure via text message

After you insert the SIM card into your phone you will receive a text message. This text message will include a link that you can click on. The link will let you download the APN profile your phone needs to receive a data connection. 


Configure APN using the website

Visit and select your SIM card type (the Premium LTE SIM card), your device type and then follow APN configuration instructions that are presented.  




Calling & texting

To make and receive phone calls, tap on your phone’s calling application and then dial the number you’d like to reach. 

To send a text message, tap on your phone’s texting application and then tap on the “New” text message icon. Enter the recipient’s phone number, then, type in your message. 

Note: It’s easier to make and receive calls and text messages when you have synchronized your phone with the contacts in your email address book. To learn how to add or remove contacts on your phone, read this FAQ article


MMS text messages

If you are interested in sending or receiving picture and video text messages (also called MMS text messages) you must sign up for the FreedomPop MMS and Group Messaging service. Click here to learn how this service works. Click here to sign up for this service, by going to the Services section of 

After you have signed up for the FreedomPop MMS and Group Messaging service, open your phone’s texting application and tap on the plus sign to attach an image. 

Voicemail Messages 

To listen to your voicemail messages, you will need to access your phone’s voicemail application. Some phones -- like the Google Pixel phones and iPhones -- integrate voicemail messages into the same application used for phone calls. 

Some phones come with a voicemail application preinstalled. 

Other phones require you to dial a voicemail phone number. You can either press and hold the number 1 to call the voicemail line, or you can dial the number 1-888-288-8893. 

You’ll need to enter your voicemail password to access your voicemail messages. 

If you are not sure where your voicemail application is located, check the manufacturer-provided user guide for your phone. You can do a google search for your phone model and the keywords ‘pdf user guide’. For example, if you are using a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, search for the phrase “Samsung Galaxy S8 PDF User Guide”.  

If your phone offers neither an integrated voicemail section or a preinstalled voicemail application, consider downloading the AT&T voicemail application, available in the Google Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iPhones. 

Need help accessing your voicemail messages? Click here to learn how to get in touch with a FreedomPop representative.