What is my service start date?

This information applies to Premium SIMs

Your service starts as soon as you activate your SIM card at freedompop.com/activate. Your renewal date will typically be 30 days from the date of activation. Log in at freedompop.com/my-lines to see your exact renewal date. 


This information applies to older, Standard SIMs

When does my service begin? 

You can start using the service as soon as you receive your device. Your trial will end either 14 days or 30 days (based on your offer) from the service start date.

When your device ships, you will receive an email notification and a tracking number. You can also see your tracking details online, by logging into your account at my.freedompop.com.

You are eligible to return your device for 100% money back, within 14 days of service start date. Click here to learn more about returning your device.

To see how many days are left in your billing cycle, and how many days are left before you will be charged, log in at my.freedompop.com and click on the Billing tab.


Payments will be deducted from whatever credit card, debit card or PayPal account you used to sign up for service and order your product. You can update your billing information at any time, by going to the Billing Section of your my.freedompop.com account. Click here to learn more about billing.