Does my phone need a SIM card?

Differences between CDMA / GSM

It's important to understand that no matter what type of phone service you have, you will need a SIM card inside of your device.

If you have GSM service, the SIM card provides your phone's number (calling and texting capabilities) and it provides your phone with the ability to connect to the LTE network (internet).

If you have CDMA service, the SIM card will simply give your device the ability to connect to the LTE network. Your CDMA phone's number is attached to the device, not to the SIM card inside of the device. 


Before you continue, make sure this article applies:

If you received a SIM Card in the mail with the FreedomPop logo on it, or you received a phone that has a FreedomPop SIM card inside of it, then you have GSM service. For GSM infomation, please click here.

If you instead have a CDMA device, this article applies to you. Check to see if your Sprint/CDMA or BYOD phone has a SIM card in it. Again, it will not have a FreedomPop SIM card because you are not using GSM service. But it may have another SIM card in it. 

Some phones have removable back covers and some have SIM card trays. Remove the back cover to your phone or pull out the SIM card tray to check your device.


If you have a SIM card inside your device

You shouldn’t have any problems using your service. Again, if the SIM card in your device has the words FreedomPop on it, you are using GSM service. In either case, you should be able to call and send texts messages without a problem. 


If you do not have a SIM card inside your device

You may not have access to the LTE network. Your device may operate very slowly or you may not be able to use the service at all!

You will need to acquire a Sprint SIM card and put it into your phone. After you acquire a Sprint SIM card, contact a FreedomPop representative to have them assign the SIM card number to your account. This will get your service running over the 4G network.

You can purchase a Sprint SIM card online, like the one available here.

After the Sprint SIM card arrives, put it into your phone and turn the device off and on. Before LTE works properly, you will also need to contact a FreedomPop representative to have the SIM card serial number added to your FreedomPop account.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, read this article to learn how to get help.